remove (id, params)


ID (required)

The document ID.

Params (required, mixed)

A plain javascript object of:

  • collection: Required, the name of collection you want to work with.

  • withSource: If you want to get the related document before deleted, set it to true. The document will be put under source key. Optional, defaults to false

Or, you're also allowed to pass a string. In this case, it will be interpreted as the collection name.



It should return an object like the one below:

  success: true

And with withSource set to true:

  success: true,
  source: {
    _id: 'james-bond',
    name: 'James Bond',
    age: 40


If no document found, it'll yield Document not found error.

Any other error will yield a normal Node error object you can catch through promise easily.

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