bulkRemove(body, param)


Body (array, required)

Body is always an array of strings or numbers. Those represent the ID of its corresponding documents


[ 'james-bond', 'jack-bauer-001', 'johnny-english', ... ]

Params (required)

  • collection: Required, the name of collection you want to work with.

  • withDetail: Optional, defaults to false. If true, details of operation will be returned. It is an array of objects in the same order as body request above. See example below.


Method should always return a response, eventhough one or more removal could fail. If failed, those corresponding rows should tell why it failed, assuming it is enabled through withDetail parameter above.

The order of removal result should match with the order of body request.

Promise rejection error should only occour when something very bad happened within the script.


  success: true,
  stat: {
    ok: 1,
    fail: 2,
    total: 3
  detail: [
    { _id: 'james-bond', success: true },
    { _id: 'jack-bauer-001', success: false, message: 'Document not found' },
    { _id: 'johnny-english', success: false, message: 'Document not found' }

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