Sort Order

On how to achieve sorted results

To get sorted results on find(), you can put sort option as parameter. The following rules apply:

As String

This is the most simplest one: put the column name to sort on that column. E.g:

dab.find({ sort: 'name' })

To sort on multiple columns, use comma (",") as separator. Like this:

dab.find({ sort: 'name, age' })

What about sort direction? Easy peasy:

dab.find({ sort: 'name asc, age desc' })

As Array

You can also put sort option as array, like these examples below:

dab.find({ sort: ['name'] })
dab.find({ sort: ['name', 'age'] })

For sort order, wrap it as object and make the column name as the key while the direction being its value:

dab.find({ sort: [
  { name: 'asc' },
  { age: 'desc' }
] })

You can also use MongoDB-like syntax for sort order: 1 for ascending, -1 for descending order. You may also mix and match any style above:

dab.find({ sort: [
  { age: -1 },
  { gender: 'asc' }
] })

As Object

The preferred way to express sort order in Dab. Clean & expressive:

dab.find({ sort: {
  name: 1,
  age: -1,
  gender: 'asc'
}} )

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